Monday, January 21, 2013

G-Lab Argentina: Nostalgia

I felt the breeze as I walked down the stairs. “Just say yes, just say yes”—it was a constant loop in my head, repeating: “Just say yes”. Nothing happened. Not a word. The actor couldn’t make up his mind. I kept walking. Just as in the play I finished seeing. Lights dimming. People clapping.


“The worst nostalgia is to mourn what never ever happened”. Sabines’s words suddenly appeared under my feet as I kept walking. As I closed my eyes, songs from Alejandro Sanz and Charly García surrounded me around the Rodriguez Peña Plaza. Love poems from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. I waited. I wanted the Buenos Aires that flew away, the one that flew away from a dawn waving love around. I got it. I think I finally got it.

AMOR POR Buenos Aires

Somehow, the crooked streets and the city noises were charming, they had personality: they were even elegant. I was closer to home but I wanted to keep wandering. Somehow, I was starting to feel part of this city. “You’re becoming Argentinian”—a guy from work told me today when I told him I was having an empanada as a mid-afternoon snack. LOVE for Buenos Aires. For the paradoxes that surround me. For the pride I feel. For the baggage I am able to leave behind. Not for what I am but who I am.

I was asked this morning during a press interview: “What did you learn by doing business in Argentina?” I remembered at that moment the play and how conflicted I was: “Just say yes, just say yes”.

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